Teaching visit in Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies under the ERASMUS programme


Professor Eglė Jotautienė and assoc. professor Antanas Juostas from Institute of Agricultural Engineering and Safety visited Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies Faculty of Engineering by “Erasmus+” teaching mobility program (Staff Mobility for Teaching). Professors and reasearchers of ASU Faculty of Agricultural Engineering and University of Life Sciences and Technologies Faculty of Engineering long time collaborating according ERASMUS+ Staff Mobility for Teaching and Training progrmme and particpating in Conferences, organizing Research projects and PhD processes. The Faculty of Engineering has following study programs: Agricultural Engineering, Technical Expert, Agricultural Power Engineering, Machine Design and Manufacturing, Home Environment in Education, Teacher of Vocational Education, Pedagogy and Career Counsellor. The researchers works in that fields: Technologies of renewable energy, rational technologies of livestock breeding, conditioning of biomass for processing and energy production, intellectual technologies, drying and storage of food products, education and career guidance for sustainable development of rural environment, life quality in the context of home environment. Eglė Jotautienė and Antanas Juostas presented the lectures on topic „Inovative technologies in agrimachinery”.








Bachelor and Master degree students and professors paid big interest on the topics presented during the lectures. There has been good discussion and interesting questions about Precision Agriculture.









A lot of time was dedicated to discuss about education and science situation in Lithuania and Latvia with colleagues from Jelgava lecturer Maris Mangalis, prof. Kaspars Vartukapteinis, prof. dr.sc.ing. Aivars Aboltinš.

This visit was a good possibility to receive and exchange the specific and new information in the development of research projects and research tests. The gained experience will be useful for enhancing the quality of studies at our university. The visit has given an opportunity for exchanging the ideas on future education and research cooperation’s, improving the academic relations between departments and student’s mobility and enhancing the studies direction towards the research results utilization to business

Eglė Jotautienė, Antanas Juostas