ERASMUS teaching visit to Benguet State University


ERASMUS credit mobility exchange of Aleksandras Stulginskis University (ASU) with Philippines started from the teaching visit of assoc. prof. dr. Raimundas Rukuiža to Benguet State University (BSU) on 26 October – 03 November 2018. Main partners in BSU were dr. Darlyn Tagarino from BSU International Office and eng. Marvin Valentin from the Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering of BSU. The teacher of ASU Faculty of Agricultural Engineering assoc. prof. dr. R.Rukuiža presented for BSU students the lectures in the field of engineering materials testing. The presentation of ASU and the possibilities for exchanges studies at ASU were made for integrated students’ group of Faculty of Engineering. In the lesson were made introduction to the subject of engineering materials testing, its perception, trends and importance. For agricultural engineering speciality students were presented basic principles of testing: outline of engineering materials testing, aims and planning of tribological tests, equipment for tribological tests, tribological testing of lubricants, wear measurement (methods and tools), surface investigation (equipment and examples).

The possible cooperation in research were discussed with the BSU partners: BSU president prof. F.Calora, vice-presidents prof. J.Malamug and prof. K.Laruan, dr. D.Tagarino, Dean of Faculty of College of Engineering and Applied Technology prof. E.Carlos, eng. M.Valentin. The partners from the BSU Faculty of College of Engineering and Applied Technology and College of Forestry (prof. M.R.Parao) are interested in participate in ERASMUS exchange with Aleksandras Stulginskis University. The BSU partners promised to select the best candidate for ERASMUS exchange with ASU. Besides that, it was discussed the possibilities for participation of the scientists of both universities to participate at international conferences which will be organised in ASU (BALTTRIB 2019, RURAL DEVELOPMENT 2019) and join education and research projects.