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Overtaking the progressive world experience, proving comprehensive education to the youth and actively developing science and studies, the mission of the Faculty is to increase, systematise and disseminate the knowledge of technological sciences essential for technical and technological progress and aiming at ensuring the creation of safe and healthy food and full-fledged living environment.


An important international participant of scientist research and studies, open to novelties, creating innovations and continuously developing in the field of Technology sciences.


By improving the studies and enhancing their attractiveness, we will strive that the number of students at the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering of Aleksandras Stulginskis University is not lower than 900
We will seek that the proportion of teaching and scientific staff from foreign countries in relation to the total number is 4 %
By developing scientific activity, fundamental and applied research, we will seek that the income (mln in EUR) obtained from scientific activity, is not less than 0,7
By promoting openness in studies and scientific activity, and developing academic exchange, we will attract students from foreign countries and will strive that their number is not less than 25 %
By modernising the study programmes and assuring their compliance with the market needs, we will strive that the part of students being employed in 18 months after graduation according to the field of studies or continuing studies at a higher cycle is not less than 80 %
By basing our studies on scientific activity and developing the training of young scientists, we will strive that the part of academic staff having doctor’s degree is not less than 75 %
We will strive that the number of first and second cycle students that conduct active scientific activity in relation to all first and second cycle students achieves 70 %
By increasing the volume and quality of scientific production, we will strive that the number of scientific articles in journals with ISI WOS citation index per one academic staff unit is not less than 0,5
By enhancing the impact on state economic and social processes, we will strive that the part of teaching staff, academic staff and students that participate in the implementation of the projects of social and economic development as well as the projects of sustainable development is not less than 80 %






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