Laboratory of Machinery, Technological Systems and Processes Automatic Control

Head of laboratory: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kęstutis Venslauskas
Phone: +370 37 752219

Fields of activity: Automation of energetic objects; standalone measurements of energetic and physic parameters and data acquisition; energy saving of industrial processes; diagnostics of industrial hydraulic systems; research of hybrid powertrain and renewable energy systems.

Prof.dr. Stasys Slavinskas,
Tel. +370 650 19180


Laboratory of TRIBOLOGY

Head of laboratory: Prof. dr. Juozas Padgurskas
Phone: +370 37 752263, 752398

Fields of activity: Research of tribological processes in mechanical and mechatronic systems (analysis of friction, wear, lubrication factors and its interaction in friction pairs). Two scientific work groups can be marked in laboratory: 1) oils and greases, 2) wear resistant surfaces and coatings. More information:

Žemės ūkio inžinerijos fakultetas

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  • Tel. (8 37) 75 23 24
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