Study subjects

Agroenergetics; Basics of Automatic Control Engineering; Basics of Biomass Treatment; Biodegradable Wastes; Biogas Engineering; Biomass Conversion Engineering; Biomass Storage Systems; Biomaterials Recovery; Design of Energy Systems; Design of Technological Systems; Electric Circuits; Electric Drives in Agriculture; Power Energetics; Electrical Equipment and Safety; Electrical Machines; Electrical Engineering; Electrical Systems and Networks in Agriculture; Electromechanical Converters of Renewable Energy; Electronics; Electronics and Control Engineering; Electrotechnics; Electrotechnologies and Lighting of Biosystems; Energetics of Agricultural Technologies; Engineering of Animal Husbandry Technologies; Engineering of Conditioning Systems; Geothermal Energy; Heat and Mass Transfer; Heat Energetics; Heat, Electricity and Gas Supply Systems; Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems; Integration of Renewable Energy to Energy Systems; Life Cycle Assessment of Renewable Energy; Metrology and Electrical Measurements; Power Electronics; Modeling of Biomass Engineering Systems; Renewable Energy Sources; Solar Energetics; Thermodynamics; Transport Machinery; Primary Processing Engineering of Agriculture Products; Solid Biofuel Energetics; Storage Technology Engineering; Technological  Processes of Biomass Conversion; Thermotechnological Processes in Agroenergetics; Thermal Transformation Systems; Phytoenergetics; Thermal Conversion of Solid Biofuels; Thermodynamics; Wind and Hydro Energetics;

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