Institute of agricultural engineering and safety

Studentų str. 15 b – 205,
LT – LT-53362 Akademija,
Kaunas district
Phone: +370 37 752 357

Head of institute: Prof. Dr. Egidijus Šarauskis
Phone: +370 37 752357


Technical Mechanics; Engineering Mechanics; Machine Mechanics; Theoretical mechanics (statics, kinematics); Theoretical Mechanics (dynamics); Theory of Mechanisms and Machines; Machine Elements and Replaceability; Numeric Analysis of Constructions; Basics of Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Design and Modelling; Computer aided Analysis of Constructions; Computer aided Design; Agricultural Machinery Design; Dynamics of Mechanics Systems; Finite Element Method; Particle Ballistics in the Agriculture Machines; Using of Oscillation in Agriculture; Quality Management.

Agricultural Technologies and Machinery; Control of Agricultural Technological Processes;

Tillage Technologies; Crop Harvesting Machinery; Technologies and Machinery of Harvesting Root Crops and Vegetables; Soil Mechanics; Theory of Plant Growing Machinery; Theory of Harvesting Machinery; Dynamic of Agricultural Machinery; Testing of Agricultural Machinery; Precision Agriculture; Biomass Production Engineering; Biomass Cultivation and Handling Machinery; Harvesting Machinery of Biomass; Energetic Evaluation of Biofuel Preparation to the Conversion Technologies; Theory of Biomass Production Technological Processes.

Human Safety; Human and Machinery Safety; Ergonomics Elements and Occupational Safety Management; Occupational Risk and its Management; Quality Control and Certification; Engineering and Technology Marketing; Engineering Supply Logistics; Environmental Engineering; Mineral Waste Management; Physical Technological Environment Pollution; Environmental Engineering and Management; Safety Engineering; Ergonomics; Prognostication and Simulation of Situations Emergency; Environmental Vibroacoustic Processes and their Control; Occupational Risk Management; Engineering of Ecology; Methodology of Research Work; Total Quality Management.

Research fields:

  • Improvement of soil cultivation, sowing, planting, plant care and harvesting technologies and machinery for agricultural plants;
  • Analysis of systems for precision agriculture;
  • Research of growing, care, harvesting and processing machinery andconversion technology of energy plants;
  • Modelling of main agricultural mechanisms and dynamic analysis and construction improvement of agricultural machinery;
  • Investigation and improvement of the system “Human-Machine-Environment”;
  • Research of acoustical pollution and vibration of working environmental and its management;
  • Estimation of the lighting in the working places and machinery.

Laboratory of Technology Safety

Head of laboratory: Assoc. prof. dr. Ričardas Butkus
Phone: +370 37 752244

Fields of activity: Occupational risk assessment and consultations on its management, design of new working places, consultations on new machinery risk assessment and CE marking, measurement and consultations on assessment and control factors in the work environment and machinery.

Laboratory of Progressive Crop Engineering

Head of laboratory: Prof. dr. Dainius Steponavičius
Phone: +370 37 788160

Fields of activity: Improvement of tillage, sowing, planting, plant care and harvesting technologies and machinery for agricultural and energy plants; Analysis of systems for precision agriculture.

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